Changing the game for at-risk youth.

Through rigorous personalized training and mentoring programs, DRIVE takes kids who’ve shown exceptional athletic ability, drive, and determination and teaches them how to make the best decisions they can, both on the court and in life. Our ultimate goal is to help the kids we work with get to college — not just to play NCAA ball, but to earn degrees that will foster future success.

Why we’re different

DRIVE isn’t for everyone: We select only a small pool of at-risk youth, push them to work hard, do more, and be better.

We demand a 100% commitment. There are no free handouts, no free lunches, and no free rides. (Well, we do offer free rides to kids who need them — but you know what we mean.) We’re only here to help those who are truly passionate and driven to invest in positive, personal change. In return, we give them access to the same training and opportunities the pros get.

We understand their situation. We know full well the crucial role the gym plays in their lives — and that helps us speak, teach, and lead from experience. We make it crystal clear how the skills they learn in the gym match with those they need in life.

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What we do

Our programs provide opportunities beyond what school and community can provide, including:

  • Access to training, instruction, and mentoring professional athletes receive
  • Mindfulness training and practices
  • Interaction with positive role models
  • Community service
  • A safe, respectful environment

By collaborating with coaches and other community forces, we individualize our approach to most strongly impact each participant.

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Help transform the lives of Milwaukee’s at-risk youth

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Our core staff is a small part of a much larger collective that supports our mission in various ways. Each person who joins us lends a unique voice, insightful perspectives, and important contributions to our team and ultimately, kids lives.
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