We reach. We fail. We reach again.

We are individuals, seeking collective achievement through personal evolution. Through sports. Through training. Through focus. We refuse to let failure define us or those around us. We believe in something better. We believe in basketball, and we believe in the courts. We believe in ourselves. And we believe in pulling together.

Who We Are

DRIVE is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping at-risk inner-city youth by providing personalized performance training and mentoring programs to enhance athletic ability, encourage healthier lifestyle choices, and promote personal growth.

We transform kids who’ve shown exceptional natural talent into the kind of trained and disciplined athletes who make the best decisions — not just on the court, but in life.

Why we matter

Milwaukee’s public school system is struggling. Not only do we have a dropout rate that ranks among America’s top five, we have some of the worst reading comprehension scores in the nation. Additionally, many of our inner-city schools and programs lack adequate funding and the resources to offer organized sports.

Of the schools that do offer organized sports, a large number have facilities that are in deplorable condition. Add to that the constant presence of drugs, gangs, and violence, and it becomes clear that many kids of promise don’t even stand a chance.

Milwaukee’s youth need access to something better. They need a way out. That’s where we come in.

Help us transform the lives of Milwaukee’s at-risk youth

How we help

DRIVE offers kids with exceptional athletic ability, determination, and drive the unique opportunity to receive personal, one-on-one training and mentoring. We give them access to the same kind of training professional athletes receive. More importantly, we set them on an alternate path.

We don’t just empower, educate, and equip the kids we help with the tools and knowledge to apply the skills they learn in the gym to those in life. We push them to work hard and challenge them do more. To be better — and to live up to their potential.

How we work

We partner with local coaches to connect eligible participants to athletic performance, skill development, and leadership opportunities that their upbringing and/or current surroundings have denied them.

We ask coaches and other community forces (including other non-profits) to stand with us, side by side, as a way of gaining a broader perspective on the details — from academic performance to family history to neighborhood — that help shape each individual’s character.

It’s this kind of close collaboration that enables us to individualize our approach, focusing on each individual participant to maximize potential impact.

Our Programs

DRIVE offers something for every kid who comes our way. All our programs are free of charge, providing access to resources, support, and growth opportunities beyond what school and community can provide.

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Why kids believe in DRIVE

Two words: access and opportunity. Working with DRIVE affords inner-city youth access to the level of professional, individualized training that will elevate their game — both on the court and in life — and we level the playing field by opening new doors of opportunity for kids who haven’t been given a fair shake.

Why coaches believe in DRIVE

Frankly, we make their teams better. And we don’t just mean more competitive, more disciplined, more driven, and more fundamentally sound. We help our coaches develop better teammates, better people, and better minds. Additionally, coaches partner with DRIVE because it’s a chance for them to work one-on-one with potential “undiscovered” talent — kids who could very well turn out to be “the next big thing.”

Our team

This is your city. These are your streets. Our core staff is a small part of a much larger collective that supports our mission in various ways. Help us transform our community into something we can be proud of together.

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