Team Building Training

The Grassroots Team Training Program applies team-building exercises to teach leadership, cooperation, encouragement, support, and empathy and force individuals out of their comfort zones; and help them understand the importance and experience of being part of something bigger than themselves.

Focus Areas
  • A mix of individual skill development, as well as drills customized to achieve success within the team’s specific offensive and defense systems
  • Curriculum will teach players correct technique and form while executing specific basketball movements on the floor.
  • After correct form is established, emphasis will be placed on maintaining or increasing conditioning through the basketball-specific exercises.
  • Mike Lee, Vice President, Program Director – Skill Development
  • Steve Becker, Program Director – Strength & Conditioning

We will not be forming teams to play in games and tournaments, but rather offer an opportunity as a team to supplement what their coaches already do in practices.

  • 1 night with a motivational speaker
  • 8 Week Program either once or twice per week
  • Team must complete a community service event half-way through program or they can’t continue
    • 1 community service event – 1 workout week
    • 2 community service events – 2 workouts week
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