Youth Empowerment Scholarships

Planning for Life

While there are several programs available to help underprivileged youth get up to speed, there are few that cater to the exceptional student-athlete with the passion, drive and potential to be special. DRIVE will develop customized “Life” plans through a collaborative efforts with teachers, coaches, and parents, designed to make a significant impact in all areas of a youth’s life. Whatever is needed, DRIVE will work to fill those voids to provide an unparalleled opportunity for this youth.

Focus Areas
  • Planning a future both on and off the court
  • Integration with core school activities, like tutoring and mentoring
  • Comprehensive skill development and performance training to help individuals excel at the highest level for specific stages of the basketball season
  • Integration with enrichment activities, like mindfulness
  • Participants will be selected by the DRIVE team through referrals from teachers and coaches, as well as individual applications
Schedule and duration of the scholarship
  • Scholarships will be awarded on a 12-month basis with review from the DRIVE team, which has the sole option to renew the scholarship for another 12 months.
  • Schedule will be customized to make the maximum impact on the participant.
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